Legal Consultant Services

Legal Consultant Services

AdeegSan Firm works with companies, government institutions, development partners and organizations to help address their legal challenges by providing innovative, cost-effective, and result-oriented solutions in a multidisciplinary context.

Further we collaborate with law firms in achieving their innovation agendas. Our multidisciplinary talent pool, capacity and infrastructure enable us to produce cutting-edge legal solutions customized to our clients’ industry and business needs. We have a dual working environment consisting of a team of in-house consultants and external network of consultants to enable us deliver innovative products and services both in response to client requirements and as a means of enhancing their competitive advantages.

The firm advises clients regarding national and international business transactions. Our lawyers counsel clients on issues including choice of corporate vehicle, structuring of constitutive documents, government consents.


AdeegSan provides the full spectrum of international business consulting services for clients interested in establishing a business in Somalia and assists companies with their business on the Mainland. We systematically advise foreign clients in establishing branches or local companies and act as their agents to represent them before various governmental departments. We advise and assist clients regarding issues that may arise during running and operating a commercial enterprise.

If you are planning to do business in Somalia, contact us to assist you establish the right presence, provide information about markets and industry trends, potential business opportunities, environment analysis, country’s regulatory framework and business structure appropriate to the nature of your business.

Adeegsan Corporate One Stop Shop services is designed to assist International Corporation and foreign investors companies establish their business presences in Somalia and run their businesses with maximum efficiency, reliability and stay ahead of the competition.


We have vast experience in professional translation from and to Somali, English & Arabic. We have translated numerous complex instruments for public and private sectors. Our deep knowledge of both technical & legal vocabularies allows us to communicate the needs of our clients in both languages.


  1. Helping companies in modifying their own governance guides so that they are in line with the new regulations of Somalia, especially regulations of companies as well as to the company's own regulations and Memorandum of Association – both foreign and local.
  2. Contracts Management
  3. Governmental Relations

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