Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is oftentimes also described as the corporate “triple bottom line” which is the totality of the corporation’s financial, social, and environmental performance in conducting its business. In other words, CSR, envisages apart from organisational financial responsibility. Thus, this sense of responsibility becomes an essential factor in a company's goal in attaining sustainable prosperity. Hence, companies often invest in social responsibility projects, however, they often struggle to measure their effectiveness and impact on society. Without a clear and practical strategy designed strictly for the social responsibility project, often money spent is not properly utilized, and therefore wasted.

The success of any company or establishment is often accompanied by a rise in the sense of social responsibility it has towards the society and the environment.

AdeegSan Company is obligated towards the environment, local communities, working conditions, ethical practices, corporate social and staff wellbeing. We have recognised to give necessary attentions to corporate citizenship responsibility and the underlying social obligations, towards community development for sustainable and economic growth. It is one of leading company in Somalia which is engaged toward SDG 2030 and the pledge of LNOB. We position ourselves to be responsible acting pro-people, pro-planet, pro-prosperity, help achieving sustainable development goals and inclusive growth through the inclusion of the previously disadvantaged groups of the society through dedicated specific social development programmes.

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