Quality Policy

Quality Policy

A corporate objective of AdeegSan is to maintain and improve its position as a leading Institutional & Infrastructure Development consultant. We, at AdeegSan, acknowledge that outstanding leadership requires a continuous effort to improve. We are fully aware that the quest for quality in services and results demands a firm wide commitment to continuous improvement. This calls for evaluation of our strengths and weaknesses, as well as our motives, objectively. We realize the challenge of the 21st century and post conflict fragile environment of Somalia is to accelerate self-improvement and uniqueness.

Towards this, we firmly commit to the introduction of a quality management system in all our operations and activities across the region. We will support this commitment through incremental development approach tailored to the local context of each institution, taking to account clients challenges and development needs. We believe that excellence in work-place leads to improvement, innovation, productivity, and profit for owners, shareholders and employees.

We in AdeegSan further commit to support the development of shared leadership to ensure that:

  1. The requirements of our clients are satisfied or surpassed.
  2. The skills, welfare and morale of our staff are maintained or improved to help other interacting team members in our projects for a truly quality based professional advancement.

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