Urban and Regional Development

Urban and Regional Development

AdeegSan is collaborating with Professional network to provide professional services for urban development plans that are targeting economic growth, social development, poverty reduction, correction of disparity between regions, sustainable development, improvement of quality of life, Spatial inclusion (Housing for IDPs and poor HH, Urban poverty reduction Land-use planning, Slum upgrading etc.

Our services are targeting to assist local government authorities to achieve sustainable development plans for better urban settings to meet the growing demand for socio-economic activities in rapidly urbanizing areas, with development framework, land-use plans, redevelopment plans, public utilities/ facilities plans, residential development plans, new town development plans, industrial area development plan, etc.

Our Urban and Regional Development Services

  1. National Spatial Planning.
  2. Regional Development Planning & Corridor Development.
  3. Urban / Town Planning.
  4. District Planning / Redistricting.
  5. Special Economic Zone & Industrial Park Development Planning.
  6. Post conflict reconstructure and urban spatial planning.

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